The challenges of last-minute logistics


The challenges of last-minute logistics

Year-end and the Christmas shopping season, which kicks off on Black Friday, is one of the busiest times of the year for logistics, and while it offers great potential for business, it can turn into a nightmare if we leave everything to the last minute. Let’s see how it can affect our shipments and what we can do to avoid it at this and all other seasons of the year.

Last-minute problems

Leaving things to the last minute is never a good idea in logistics. This leads to doing things in a hurry and ending up with the most commonplace problems and delays. These can include a lack of coordination between commercial and production equipment at the dates when the cargo is ready, or mistakes in documentation, delays for payment, etc., which added up, can have disastrous effects:

  • Deadline: Congestion at ports, problems with paperwork or customs are some of the minor complications that can affect us on a daily basis. If we are also working with a tight deadline, this can involve a financial disaster for any logistical operation that had potential for major profit.

  • Price/space: The law of supply and demand is never more apparent than at times when logistics is under pressure. Everyone wants imports and exports to take place for the same dates and space is finite, therefore leading to higher prices, complicating the viability of our shipment. Meeting deadlines in such a situation may require a price that far exceeds our budget.