ECSA 2019: 10 maritime logistics priorities


ECSA 2019: 10 maritime logistics priorities

The maritime logistics sector is currently taking a strategic look toward the future. To mark this journey, the ECSA (European Community Shipowner’s Association) has published an action plan with its strategic maritime transport priorities for the next five years.

The association representing European shipowners is recommending that European institutions work together to address key issues such as environmental protection, safety and digitalisation. Thus, up to 10 areas that they consider are going to really leave a mark on the sector during the period from 2019 to 2024.

  1. Climate and sustainability

    The report pinpoints climate as an absolute priority and recommends the shipping industry working together with the European Union, the IMO and other marine bodies toward sustainability in the battle against climate change. The medium-term goal is to comply with the IMO mandate of reducing CO2 emissions by at least 50% by 2050. It calls for work to start straight away to ensure the availability of alternative fuels and for technology to be developed as soon as possible in order to achieve this.

  2. Commercial

    Supporting the European Union’s free-trade agenda is another major focus of the document. This involves opposition to the growing maritime and trade protectionism we are experiencing with aspects such as Brexit or tariff wars between the United States and China. Highlighted is the generation of the direct impact due to the success of the European shipping sector throughout the economy, given that 76% of EU merchandise trade is transported by sea.

  3. Competitiveness

    The report proposes working alongside European regulators to maintain and increase EU logistics competitiveness and therefore safeguard its current position as a logistics powerhouse of utmost importance.

  4. Domestic market

    The ECSA is showing its complete willingness to work together with the EU to consolidate the domestic market through transport without borders. The Association ensures that short sea shipping is and will be an important foundation of the single market, facilitating the free movement of goods, persons, services and capital.

  5. Innovation and digitalisation

    Another area in which efforts are to be coordinated with the objective of positioning European shipping as a benchmark for innovation. Europe needs to act quickly to lead the new technological wave that will lay down the standards of global logistics competition and also lead the revolution on the environment.

  6. Human resources

    The report emphasizes European leadership in terms of maritime knowledge, which stands out historically thanks to of its unique talent. Excellence that must be retained making the sector attractive for young people. This attraction and retention of talent will be intrinsic for the survival of the industry and should be achieved by investing in education and training.

  7. Safety

    The shipping industry also has every interest in working together with European regulators to ensure a high standard of safety for crew, passengers, ships and goods.

  8. Legal issues

    The ECSA supports the EU’s commitments with international maritime agencies to maintain a common regulatory environment for logistics. It hopes to safeguard the level playing field for EU shipowners.

  9. Taxes

    The association aims to ensure a stable and competitive tax framework that recognises the complexities and the global nature of the shipping industry.

  10. Better regulation

    Finally, the shipping industry is willing to actively participate in the EU’s efforts to achieve a better and more efficient regulation, thereby helping to strengthen European logistics and competitiveness.

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